Food Bowl

Food dish should be smaller in size  we are a few different dishes

$8 - $12

Hedgehog Exercise Wheel

Hedgehog wheels are custom made by us at Hoppin Hedgehogs. Our wheels are larger then the average rodent wheel with no dangerous cross bars or pin wheel that will cause injury to a hedgehog. Our wheels are also made on a sturdy base to accommodate a hedgehogs larger, heavier body size.


Large Water Dish 4 inch ceramic

Hedgehogs require a large 4 inch ceramic dish for water.


Hedgehogs should Never use a water bottle

Supplies On Sale Now

Igloo $5.00

Litter box $5.00

Hedgie Bag $5.00

Water Dish $5.00

Hedgehog Cage and Supplies for Sale      Hedgehog purchase with Cage Package

Digital Thermostat

Along with your heating set up you need to have a thermostat to monitor the temperature.


Hoppin Hedgehogs complete Cage Package

We offer a Cage and the best basic supplies required to put together a great hedgehog enclosure.

If you are unable to find a suitable cage and supplies we have everything your hedgehog needs and more. Cage Packages can be picked up on adoption visits when Hedgehogs go home.

Our Basic Cage Package comes with a Large size Cage 40 Inches Long by 20 inches wide 20 inches tall, cages are available in a selection of colors depending on what we have in stock at the time choices range from black, brown, beige,blue and purple colors.

Our Hedgehog exercise wheels are custom made by us, wheels are 10 .5 inch running surface to allow the hedgehog to run flat, large sturdy base.  Also silent spinning.  Easy to clean surface (if you don know hedgehogs poop on the wheel and it will need cleaning on a regular basis.

Water Dishes are 4 inch ceramic in a selection of color choices ,food dish, 10 inch igloo sleeping hut available in a selection of colors, and food : our hedgehogs are fed a dry cat food  Natural Balance green pea and chicken formula

Tree Trunk House   $16                                                                                           Igloo  House $11

Hedgehogs need a place to sleep and/or hide away. There are many different styles available, we offer the Igloo and the Tree Trunks in various colors.

Ceramic Heat Emitter Set

Keep your pet hedgehog warm and cozy with Zoo Med Repticare Ceramic Infrared Heat Emitters. These reptile heat lamps provide your pet hedgehog  with 24-hour non-light emitting warmth, perfect for maintaining a heated cage.
 Maintaining constant warmth with a ceramic heat lamp is especially important for the hedgehogs well being.

Available from Hoppin Hedgehogs 

8.5 inch dome with 150 watt bulb 

$80.00 set

These basic supplies will create a great hedgehog cage


Breeder of Quality African Pygmy Hedgehogs in British Columbia


These are custom made mini sleeping bags for your hedgeehog

Available in dozens of different prints, each bag measures 11 inch by 11 inches

Quality made with hedgehogs saefty in mind, No exposed edges , quality materials to keep your hedgehog warm and cozy while inside the cage or boniding outside of the cage with you.

$15.00 each

We do offer mail order shipping on these  contact us by email

-Igloo hut

-4 inch ceramic water dish

-food dish

-5 pound bag of food

-Custom Hedgehog exercise wheel



Dry cat food

Natural Balance green pea and chicken

5 lbs.  $25.

Treats  Natural Balance perfect bites  $4.90

- moist treat ,small pieces,  resealable package

our Hedgehogs love these